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Frequently asked questions

1. What do I need to rent the apartment?

At the check-in the guest should:

a)provide their passport for completing the contract,
b)pay for the whole duration of their stay;
c) pay the security deposit that is returned at the check-out.

10. Can foreign citizen be registered at the apartment?

Yes, this service is provided.

11. I own an apartment. What are the ways of cooperation?

We can offer a sublease contract with fixed monthly payments.

12. Can I book an apartment for a month or more? Are there additional discounts?

Of course, we offer long-term contracts. They are discussed individually and additional discounts are made.

13. There is a leakage in the apartment upstairs and the water is dripping from the ceiling – what do I do?

In this case please contact the manager. All the contact numbers are provided when you check-in.

14. How often is the apartment cleaned, bed sheets are changed and etc. if I stay longer than a week?

Daily cleaning is not included. You can order cleaning, bed sheets and towel change (in any combination) at additional cost.

15. Is Internet included in the cost of the apartment?

Yes, WiFi is included in the cost of the apartment.

16. What happens if I brake the glass in the kitchen?

If any property is damaged, the guests are pay for the damage according to the price list provided at the check-in.

2. Does the apartment have the necessary appliances? Are there bed sheets, Internet?

All the apartments are equipped with:

a) Fridge
b) Stove
c) Microvave oven
d) Dishes
e) TV set
f) Tea kettle
g) Hair dryer
h) Cable TV
i) Internet
j) Bed sheets and towels

Some apartments also have air conditioning, dishwasher, wifi and heated floors.

3. What is the check-in process?

You choose the apartment and inform us of your arrival time. The manager meets you at the apartment to complete the paperwork and you pay for the whole duration of your stay. If you pay via bank transfer, you submit the documents to the manager at this time. You receive the keys and all necessary instructions (Internet, TV, and etc.)

4. What are they payment options?

- cast at the check-in
- bank transfer
- credit card

5. Are there any discounts?

Yes. Please confirm the total cost with our manager.

6. What accounting documents can be provided?

- short-term lease contract
- cash receipt
- invoice

7. Can I rent the apartment for a celebration?

We kindly ask you to understand that apartments are not rented out for parties and celebrations.

8. Can I book the apartment without advanced payment?

You can book the apartment without advanced payment. However, we can guarantee that the apartment will be available only if you make a deposit in advance.

9. In case of cancellation do I receive my deposit back?

It depends on a season. During the winter season – yes. You receive full refund when you cancel 3 or more days before your arrival.